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Benchmade HK mod.14460SBT

Код: 1805163

ComboEdge®/ BT2 Coated 154CM Острие/ G10 Handle Scales

* New innovative Nitrous™ assist opening

* Thumb-stud opening

* Black G10 handle scales

* Dual 6AL-4V титаниеви liners

Цена: 232.00лв.
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* Дължина на острието: 3.40"
* Дебелина на острието: 0.100"
* Дебелина на ръкохватката: 0.430"
* Материал на острието: 154CM Неръждаема стомана
* Здравина на острието: 58-60HRC
* Форма на острието: Modified Clip-Point w/ Recurve; Thumb-Stud
* Тегло: 2.70oz.        
* Щипка: Tip Down, Removable, Black
* Заключващ механизъм: Modified Locking-Liner w/ Nitrous Spring-Assist
* Дължина при отворен нож: 8.00"
* Дължина при затворен нож: 4.60"
* Кания: Продава се отделно
* Клас: Heckler & Koch


154CM:An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for tough industrial applications. Known for its best all-around qualities, it offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality.

CLIP-POINT:A clip point is technically a variant of a drop point. Instead of a “slow convex-curve” to lower the point; the profile is “clipped” to bring the point down. Sometimes a concave curve will be referred to as a “clipped point”. This is usually associated with bowie styles.

MODIFIED LOCKING-LINER: The basic principle is an integral locking bar within the knife liner being stress bent, enabling it to spring into position behind the rear tang of the blade when the blade is opened. The locking bar wedges against the rear of the blade, locking it open until you physically push it clear and close the blade (locking-liners are made either right or left hand specific). And with a modified locking-liner you get a patented feature which helps to enhance the lock function. The function success and function failure of a locking-liner depends greatly on how well it is made and also the quality of the materials used. With Benchmade, you get both.

NITROUS: Another patented Benchmade exclusive, the Nitrous™boosts the blade with ease. As the blade is closed the two torsion arms which run the length of the handle liners are secured in place and make contact with the blade tang. As tensioned against the blade tang, the user rotates the blade open to a 30-degree angle, the torsion arms take over and continue the blade opening process on its own. The huge advantages to the Nitrous design over other similar concepts, is that the blade must be rotated open to beyond a 30-degree angle, which offers added user control.


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