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Benchmade BM mod.580SBK

Код: 1805129

ComboEdge®/Острие с покритие BK1

Моделите с пружина съчетават в себе си скорост и сила.

* AXIS® assist заключващ механизъм

* Reversible tip-up щипка

583SBK 1095-01-598-4472

Цена: 217.00лв.
Изпрати на приятел Добави в списъка с желания

* Дължина на острието: 3.60"
* Дебелина на острието: 0.121"
* Дебелина на ръкохватката: 0.650"
* Материал на острието: 154CM Неръждаема стомана
* Здравина на острието: 58-61HRC
* Форма на острието: Drop-Point; Ambidextrous Thumb-Studs
* Тегло: 4.20oz.
* Щипка: Reversible Bright Split Arrow
* Заключващ механизъм: AXIS-Assist
* Дължина при отворен нож: 8.35"
* Дължина при затворен нож: 4.75"
* Кания: Продава се отделно
* Клас: Blue


154CM:An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for tough industrial applications. Known for its best all-around qualities, it offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality.

DROP-POINT:A slow convex-curved drop in the point characterizes a drop-point blade. This blade format lowers the point for control but adds strength to the tip. It is a very popular blade shape that ranges from a slight drop to a radical downward curve providing endless styles. In fixed blades this blades shape easily sheaths. Usually coupled with plenty of belly for slicing, this format is often used for hunting knives. Drop points are a great all-around blade format.

AXIS: A patented Benchmade exclusive, AXIS®has been turning heads and winning fans ever since its introduction. A 100-percent ambidextrous design, AXIS®gets its function from a small, hardened steel bar which rides forward and back in a slot machined into both steel liners. The bar extends to both sides of the knife, spans the liners, and is positioned over the rear of the blade. It engages a ramped, tang portion of the knife blade when it is opened. Two omega style springs, one on each liner, give the locking bar its inertia to engage the knife tang. As a result, the tang is wedged solidly between a sizable stop pin and the AXIS®bar itself. Available in manual, assist or automatic configurations.

Notice: The carry-clip has been installed on the right side (or non-Benchmade logoed side of blade) of AXIS knife products for right side pocket carry. If you prefer to clip-carry the knife in the left side pocket, it is important that you remount the carry-clip on the other side of the knife handle. This is recommended for ideal access and optimum user safety.

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